Why Us

Travel with a cause

With Mahasukha Treks, not only will you do get a chance to see the world, but also to make a difference. All profits go to Maha-Sukha Foundation, a charity dedicated to the welfare of underprivileged children and Buddhist communities in the impoverished Himalayas.

At present, Serang Primary School and a traditional Buddhist monastery Serang Gomba are fully dependent on the foundation for funding. By choosing us as your travel partner, you will be supporting free education for the school’s children and also training of remarkable community of over 100 monks and nuns of the ancient monastery.

Our aim is to find sustainable means to support humanitarian projects by decreasing reliance on donations. Not only do we donate all the profits, the funds we spend on behalf of our travelers also go to putting children through school, building homes and supporting small business of local community members.

Help our noble cause, not through donations, but by supporting our endeavor.


Unrivalled Guiding

Our guides aren’t your typical tour guides. They are local residents with unmatched in-depth understanding of the area and its customs. Best of all, they are very passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences with the visitors!

Throughout your trip, our guides will share their lives with you, introduce you to communities and take you to special local places that most travelers would never know exist. That means, in addition to the adventures you encounter, you can also be engaged in discussions that provoke a deeper understanding of life in the country.

We keenly look forward to inviting you as our guest to our family and show you unparalleled hospitality and service that our country is known for.


Fair labor practice

Many trekking agencies pay their employees a bare minimum to maximize the company’s profits. But we are different. Since our inception, we have been a strong voice against labor exploitation that is getting increasingly common in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Mahasukha Treks strives to set a new precedent on fair labor practices. We consider our employees as members of our extended family since we have worked together for years. Not only are they well-respected, they are also paid more than minimum wage. As our staff feel fairly compensated, the great services they provide truly comes from their heart.


Sustainable Travel

 Mahasuka Treks was founded on the belief in responsible and sustainable tourism by leaving minimal impact in places we visit and ideally benefitting local communities in the area. From reducing our carbon footprint to supporting local business, we use our trips to improve the lives of people in the communities and support the integrity of the place.

We are always striving to enhance and preserve the unique characteristics of places we visit: the environment, culture, heritage, aesthetics and the well-being of its residents. This not only benefits the local communities but also provides positive and richer experiences for our visitors.

As part of our economic commitments on sustainable travels, we seek to channel our funds into local, small scale suppliers who provide excellent experiences for our travelers. For instance, we prioritize buying from shops run by local residents and rely on them for our logistics and accommodation.  

Under our environmental commitments for maintaining sustainable recreation in nature, we do not litter the trekking trails and mountains. We dispose of waste properly, minimize campfire impacts and respect wildlife. We encourage travelers to take only memories and leave only footprints.