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Nepal is a relatively safe country to travel as security threat is very low. However, you need to understand that the country is going through political adjustments and reformation. As a result, political demonstrations and strikes happen every once in a while during the course of a year, though increasingly rare nowadays. Such strikes may affect tour/trekking plans but security threats from it are very low.

As our clients, you will be well taken care of by our staff during your stay in Nepal while travelling under our tour/trek packages. Although this is a relatively peaceful country, basic safety precautions should never be ignored. There are some safety and security concerns that you should be aware of.

Always be wary of criminal activities. We advise you to always follow the advice of your trekking staff, keep your belongings secure and within sight and never make a display of your wealth. Your awareness regarding this and your team work with us will greatly help minimize safety and security risks.

Mahasuka Treks is fully committed to the safety and security of our clients. Our trekking guide, climbing/mountaineering guide and trekking porters are highly experienced and skilled in their work. They always make sure that our clients are safe while embarking on their adventures in Nepal.

Note: We will not withhold any information regarding safety and safety risks throughout your journey with us. You can also contact the Tourist Police, a special unit of Nepal Police, by dialing 1144 / 014247041 or sending enquiries to



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